Funny Locksmith Stories

A person called last Sunday and had woken up inside a bar and was locked inside. He had apparently fell asleep inside and they did not notice him when they locked up in the early AM hours. The bar had bars on the windows and double sided deadbolt locks. He was unable to leave. He ended up calling the Police Department.

A person called from a hospital and requested that I come to the hospital and open the drug cart. I explained that two doctors would have to each sign off on the request and the person stated they did not want anyone to know they were getting into the cart. A solid pass on that call.

Had a person today call and ask if I needed to know who they were for me to open a safe. I asked why they would care if I knew who they were and they said that they didn’t want the owner knowing they were getting into the safe. Probably not gonna happen.

Got a call recently to make a new smart key for a car. The programming slot was in the center console. I always let the client know I will be getting in the console so they have a chance to hide anything they don’t want me to see. After no reaction I opened the console to find a large gun. I pointed it out the the client and he just said “I thought I lost that” and put it in the trunk. I have actually found two guns in center consoles. Seems one would remember where they put a gun.

Geff Greenwood